We know that there are many organisations, groups, networks and individuals across Ghana who are working tirelessly to promote agroecology and/or food sovereignty. GAAFS brings all of these organisations and groups together as an alliance. By coming together we have a stronger voice to create change at all levels of the food system, including farmers, consumers, government and policy-makers, food processors, support services, and funders.

In order to meet our vision of a socially just, healthy, and sustainable food system in Ghana, we:

  • Connect agroecological and peasant farmers with advocates, policy-makers, and funding bodies;
  • Campaign for farmers in Ghana to have rights over the resources they need to produce agroecologically;
  • Bring the voices of Ghanaian farmers and civil society to the national and international discourse about agroecology and their right to food sovereignty;
  • Prepare and publish reports which outline a food system which Ghanaian society wants to see, bringing the voice of civil society to the government and the private sector;
  • Advocate to national and international government to recognise and support the rights of small-holder peasant farmers;
  • Establish a series of farmer-to-farmer learning exchanges to build the capacity of farmers to produce agroecologically;
  • Campaign for food sovereignty for the people of Ghana to ensure that Ghanaians make decisions about their food system rather corporations and external funders;
  • Connect Ghanaian farmers and supportive national organisations with international movements for food sovereignty and the rights of farmers, including seeking membership of global peasant movement La Via Campesina;
  • Celebrate a local food system which serves the needs of Ghana.

Collectively, these objectives will strengthen our alliance and generate a critical mass of farmers, stakeholders, and civil society who want to see agroecology and food sovereignty throughout Ghana.

We will make use of the knowledge, expertise, and resources of member organisations, initiatives, and individuals. We will also link with national and international networks through online media, utilising our website to full capacity. To further our activities and provide a strong alliance for advocacy, knowledge exchange, and capacity building, we will seek external funding. A potential funding source has been identified for this.