The Ghana Alliance for Agroecology and Food Sovereignty is coordinated by Trax Ghana, and is a collaborative initiative of a group of lead partners including the Ghana Permaculture Institute and Permaculture Network and the Coalition for the Advancement of Organic Farming.

We are also seeking involvement and membership from any organisation, institution, group, initiative, or individual who shares our vision for agroecology and food sovereignty in Ghana. If you would like to become a member GAAFS you can do so by filling out your details here.

GAAFS is linked with the Food Sovereignty Platform which is based in Accra and involves membership of six organisations who are working collectively to campaign on issues related to food sovereignty, particularly campaigning against the Plant Breeders Bill.

Trax Ghana

Trax is a non-governmental organisation working in northern Ghana to support farming communities to adopt agroecological practices. Established in 1989, Trax have much experience of culturally and enviromentally sensitive farming, land management, and food production. Through community management of their projects, Trax support sustainable livelihoods which increase food security and reduce poverty. Agroecology and food sovereignty principles are at the heart of what they do. Trax also build the capacity of farming communities to advocate for the food system they want to see and to train others to practice agroecology. Trax Ghana founded GAAFS in 2017 and they host the coordination of the alliance.

Ghana Permaculture Institute

The Ghana Permaculture Institute apply permaculture principles to their site in Techiman, Brong Ahafo Region. The Institute provides training courses for those wanting to learn how to practice permaculture, as well as producing agroecological products for sale. Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments. The ecological and biological processes of the land, plants, animals, nutrient cycles, climatic factors and weather cycles are all examined and incorporated in to a productive, functional permaculture system. As such, permaculture adheres to the concept of agroecology.

Coalition for the Advancement of Organic Farming (CAOF)

CAOF were established in 2008 and are a coalition of individuals, private organisations, and non-governmental organisations. CAOF’s Mission is: “Working with farmers in sustainable agriculture and engage in policy dialogue to promote an environment supportive of the production and marketing of healthy farm products.” The aim of CAOF is to enhance the development of individuals, private organisations, and voluntary organizations, and to actively engage in policy dialogue with Government to promote an environment, supportive of the development initiatives of its members.