Press Release: Manifesto for a Better Food System for Ghana Launched

Press Release: Manifesto Launched to Save Ghana’s Food from Crisis

Monday 17th April 2017

Ghana’s Food System is in Crisis but there is a Way for a Better Food System.

Today, the Ghana Alliance for Agroecology and Food Sovereignty (GAAFS) is officially launched with the publication of Our Manifesto: A Better Food System for Ghana. Published to coincide with the International Day Peasant’s Struggle, Our Manifesto outlines why we believe that agroecology and food sovereignty are critical to the future food system of Ghana.

Click this link to download GAAFS: Our Manifesto for a Better Food System for Ghana (opens pdf).

Ghana is experiencing unprecedented changes which are having a profound effect on our food systems. As our nation develops socially and economically, our food system is changing. Farming practices in Ghana are degrading our environment and crop yields are declining in some areas due to loss of soil fertility. We are eating the chemicals which are incorrectly applied to crops, causing illnesses. Imported food is often highly processed which is having a negative impact on our health, causing increasing rates of obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Food production and consumption no longer follow our traditional cultural and social values and our traditional knowledge about farming and nutrition is being lost. Policy is taking away the rights of farmers and consumers to control their own food system. Our food system is in crisis and we need to act now to restore food and farming which is healthy for all of Ghana.

History tells us that agroecological farming in Ghana can support our social, cultural and economic needs sustainably. We, as a nation, need to learn from our past and look to our traditional knowledge to create a Ghanaian food system for all Ghanaians. We need to take back control of our rights over our food system and ensure that food is for people rather than corporate profit.

GAAFS members want to see a food system which is socially just, culturally sensitive, environmentally sustainable, and economically viable. GAAFS want to see a Ghanaian food system for Ghanaians.

The launch of the Ghana Alliance for Agroecology and Food Sovereignty signifies the bringing together of all stakeholders to create a better food system for Ghana. By bringing together all those invested in promoting or practicing agroecology and food sovereignty in Ghana, GAAFS is creating a strong voice to effect change and a bigger movement for action.

GAAFS advocate for the rights of food producers and consumers, and recognise the value of peasant farmers across the country who provide our daily sustenance. The launch of GAAFS coincides with the International Day of Peasant’s Struggle in order to highlight the challenges which our peasant farmers face through the loss of their rights to make decisions about their farming. Our peasant farmers are the ones who produce the food which follow our cultural traditions, who farm sustainably using locally-appropriate practices, and preserve our indigenous knowledge. Yet it is our peasant farmers who are most marginalised by political and corporate actions and whose rights are most threatened. Through GAAFS, we will ensure the voices of the peasant farmers we depend on are heard at all levels and are represented in policy and practice.

Help us to create a stronger voice and bigger movement to ensure a better food system for Ghana by becoming a member of GAAFS. Read the full Manifesto here: GAAFS: Our Manifesto for a Better Food System for Ghana (opens pdf).